Information for Chemically Sensitive Persons Having Surgery

As requested, Dr.Rea's recommendations and those of CFIDS/FM physicians on anesthesia:
Finding a tolerable cannula can be difficult, as the following article indicates. I bought a "hypoallergenic" (latex free) cannula from B & F Medical (by Allied) item #33242 (25' tubing) . I used it right out of the bag; didn't even need to air it out. It costs more and I had to special order it.
"For my surgery, the anesthesiologist used propofol, isofluorane, Marcaine locally (to be able to run a line), and Fentanyl. Requested no preservatives or epinephrine. Brought my own cannula (that got the nurses attention!) and my own pillow. The hospital had "double washed" linens--they run the sheets through a plain water cycle to get the cleaning chemicals out. Leave it to me to have a side effect apparently from the propofol--restless, moving--which triggered the use of the gas (sure was glad I brought that cannula!). Wonders of wonders, I came out in one piece with no noticeable adverse reactions afterward."

May 2011, Updated 2016