Towards Healthier Homes

Care2.com on Healthy Buildings - and don't miss their Climb to End Breast Cancer

About.com on Healthy Housing

At one time, www.non-wave.com was a great source of information on housing for the chemically sensitive. You can still find some of this site's content recorded on archive.org - Just type www.non-wave.com in the Wayback Machine and click "Take me back." Select the latest link to see the site.

Environmental Defense Scorecard - How does your community rate in pollutants?

Search real estate listings using Realtor.com

Greenway Homes "Green Builders" in Lexington, VA

BuildingForHealth.com A commercial site. They wrote that "Nearly twenty years ago Cedar Rose Guelberth started a company to offer people like herself who suffer from chemical sensitivity alternative products ... products range from healthier paints and stains, to organic cotton bedding and fabrics, to healthier flooring, and more."

Read about Environmental toxicants and breast cancer and then Click to End Breast Cancer!

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